The SEA Sanctuary

“When the Spirit of God finds a soul in which He can work, He uses that soul for any number of purposes; opens up before his/her eyes a hundred new directions, multiplying its works and opportunities beyond belief and beyond the ordinary strength of a human being.“

Thomas Merton

The SEA Sanctuary is a spiritual school and sacred retreat where men and women come to focus on inner awareness, spiritual growth and Self-Enlightenment. The Sanctuary is non-profit and founded, nourished, and supported by individuals who share the high ideal of spiritual awakening and self realization, and are dedicated to this purpose. We bring together the ancient wisdom, sacred teachings, and spiritual practice of the West and the East, respecting and embracing all of God's truths, and the many ways He has expressed Himself throughout time. We do not subscribe to any dogma, creed, or religion. The purpose and mission of The SEA Sanctuary is to provide a sacred and peaceful environment for true spiritual seekers.

The Ashram offers Enlightenment workshops, instruction, special events and spiritual retreats throughout the year. Through its educational branch, the University of Self knowledge, the Self Enlightenment Ashram also offers spiritual seekers a progressive, innovative, and accelerated program of study, the Self Enlightenment Correspondence Courses. The program blends innovative esoteric and metaphysical teachings with sacred teachings of the East and West, as well as specific meditative practices that inspire illumined states of consciousness and light the way to God-Realization. Participants in the program each receive a personal mentor who will provide leadership, support, guidance, and encouragement to students in their spiritual mission. This unique and cutting-edge Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Program assists spiritual seekers from all over the world to discover the depth of their love and wisdom within and the real and magnificent world of Spirit that is available to us all. The Study and Training Program is for all people who are seeking greater meaning in their lives, nourishment for the soul, and mystical experience.

Also located at The Ashram is the Rejuvena Spa, a unique Healing Retreat Center located in the heart of Nature.  Utilizing a Holistic Approach, the Rejuvena Spa provides the ideal environment to relax, rejuvenate, cleanse, and heal the Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.  We offer Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage, Nutritional Support, Foot/Internal Organ Detoxification, Infrared Sauna, and a host of Complementary and Alternative Healing Therapies.

The SEA Sanctuary is dedicated in mission to serving God through helping those that are searching to find their light within. Sitting astride the flowing white waters and cradled in nature's arms, the SEA Sanctuary is the perfect place for personal reflection, meditation, spiritual practice and esoteric teachings. It is a sacred place where one can retreat and commune with nature and one's own soul, and discover the depth of love, wisdom, understanding, harmony and beauty within. The Self Enlightenment Ashram is an ashram of the new day, and does not have a physical guru as leader. The Ashram supports the philosophy that each man, woman and child has his/her own guru within.

In accordance with this philosophy, Kimberly Curcio is the director and guardian of the Ashram and all of its physical activities. Kimberly has been involved in her own spiritual awakening for over thirty years. Kimberly is both an accomplished teacher and Director of Student Relations at Delphi University as well as well as an accomplished channel of healing. Patricia Hayes, founder of Delphi University is Director of Education and has written all the lesson material for the Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Study and Training Programs. Patricia began her enlightenment studies over 40 years ago and has since developed the extensive career-oriented certification and degree programs offered through Delphi University.

Special events, workshops and spiritual retreats are offered throughout the year. We invite you to view our schedule of events at The Ashram in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee come together. The Ashram is for all true seekers who desire greater meaning in their lives, nourishment for their souls, and high mystical experience. For more information visit us at